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, what sense to give the rituals and how to mark the passage with communion gifts, crosses, rosaries, and medals.
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The sacrament of the Communion comes after the baptism - -, and it is time when family gather to celebrate the communion of a child. Communion is one of the 7 sacraments of the religious life, during which participants of the ceremony offer communion gifts like miraculous medal, virgin medals, crosses, rosaries, or statues of the Virgin Mary which are all available on Lourdes Direct.

The seven sacraments shape all the stages and important events in a Christian's life.


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Holy communion, in addition to the rituals of the Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, is one of the main sacraments signifying full membership of the Christian community.

The meaning of this Christian initiation sacrament has evolved: it once marked a person's arrival at spiritual maturity while today it requires spiritual maturity. Thus, in order to take communion, it is important to first acquire a capacity of discernment that opens the doors to this sacrament. Communion is the act whereby a child affirms its faith through personal development.


"For the Holy Eucharist to be given to children, they must possess sufficient knowledge and have been carefully prepared in order to understand the mystery of Christ at their level and thus receive the body of the Lord with faith and devotion".

The eucharistic sacrament is the continuity of the Christian commitment taken by the child's parents at the time of christening. However, it is up to the child to renew this commitment and he or she does so by attending preparatory teachings at Sunday school.

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